We understand you probably have loads of questions about your new wheels, looms, fibres and cords. So we have compiled a list of downloads to help you out. Click on the buttons below for product information.

Drum Carders Rainbow One Pot Dye Kit Blending Board Basic Jumbo Flyer Unit Boat Shuttle Bobbin Winder Country Spinner 2 Country Spinner Bobbin Joy 2 Drive Band Drum Carder Packer Brush Double Drive Flyer Unit Traditional Wheel Double Drive Classic Drop Spindle Drop Spindle Collection Drop Spindle Student Turkish Drop Spindle Double Treadle Kit (Elizabeth) Double Treadle Kit (Traditional) Double Treadle Kit (Traveller) E-Spinner E-Spinner Foot Controller E-Spinner 3 E-Spinner Super Jumbo Niddy Noddy Table Loom - Eight Shaft Ashford Table Loom - Four SHaft Flick Carder Fringe Twister Elizabeth 2 Spinning Wheel Hobby Bench Hand Carder Cotton Hand Carder Hand Carder - Student Hand Carder - Small Indirect Warping Jack Loom Joy 2 Wheel Knitters Loom Second Heddle Kit Knitters Loom Stand 70cm Knitters Loom Stand 30cm & 50cm Knitters Loom Stand Support Brace Kit Kiwi Super Flyer Kiwi 2 spinning wheel Spinning CHair Kiwi 3 spinning wheel Katie Table Loom 16 shaft loom stand Loom Stand Treadle Kit Spinning wheel maintenance kit Vari Dent Reeds All Types Rigid Heddle Loom Freedom Flyer Reed Substitution Chart Rigid Heddle Second Heddle Kit Rigid Heddle Freedom Roller Rigid Heddle Loom Stand Rigid Heddle Table STand Sliding Hook Flyer Second Back Beam Standard Flyer Unit Sliding Hook Flyer Double Drive Skeiner 2 Kiwi Sliding Hook Flyer SampleIt Loom STand Table Loom 16 Shaft Suggested Setts - Yarn Turbo KIt Polycord Traditional Wheel SIngle Drive Tensioned Lazy Kate Table Loom Stand Tapestry Loom Treadle Kit for Table Loom Stand Traveller Spinning Wheel Top Whorl Drop Spindle Wild Drum Carder Warping Frames Weaving Frames Warping Mill Wooden Umbrella Swift