Ashford Spinning Wheels

We stock the full range of Ashford spinning wheels. Including the Elizabeth 30, The Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel, The Ashford Kiwi Wheel, The E-spinner, and The Ashford Elizabeth.

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Common Spinning Wheel Questions Answered

What are electric spinning wheels (like the Ashford espinner) and how are they different?

Electric spinning wheels, such as the Ashford E-Spinner, are a type of spinning wheel designed for those who want to efficiently and quickly spin large amounts of fibre. They are also preferred by spinners who suffer with mobility issues, such as arthritis. While traditional spinning wheels are widely used and appreciated by spinners of all skill levels, electric spinning wheels are specifically built to quicken spinning process. At The Good Yarn, we offer two electric spinning wheel models manufactured by Ashford: the e-Spinner 3 and the Jumbo e-Spinner. These espinners create convenience and speed, making them perfect for spinners working with sizable batches of fibre to work through. Another key advantage of electric spinning wheels is their portability. Many spinners find them perfect to take on holidays with them.  

Discover our Spinning Wheels

Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel

The Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel has been the world’s most popular spinning wheel for 70 years.  Many optional accessories make this an extremely versatile wheel. Features
  • Choose either natural timber or smooth lacquer finish.
  • Choose either single or double drive
  • Large 56cm (22ins) wheel
  • Robust
  • Versatile

The Ashford Kiwi Wheel

Our most popular wheel for new and experienced spinners. Portable, affordable and ever so smooth. Features
  • Robust construction, quick and easy to assemble
  • Scotch tension for simple, precise adjustment
  • Double treadle, with polyurethane hinges, for effortless treadling
  • 3 speed sliding hook flyer with frictionless yarn guides
  • Quick and easy bobbin change with snap-in front flyer bearing
  • Folding treadles for convenient transport and storage
  • Timber veneered MDF wheel with ball bearings ensure smooth, silent spinning

The E-spinner

The e-Spinner 3 is the smallest, lightest and most versatile electronic spinner ever. Take it with you, wherever you go. Features
  • Smooth lacquer finish
  • Quick and easy bobbin change with snap-in flyer bearing.
  • Convenient spinning and plying with a sliding hook flyer, frictionless yarn guides, 15mm (5/8in) orifice and reducer bush.
  • The e-Spinner 3 has a quiet but powerful 12 volt DC 2.0 amp 70 watt motor with soft start and infinitely variable speed from 0-1800 rpm.
  • The optional 12 volt car cord enables you to use it in your car, caravan, RV, or boat with a battery pack.
  • Light weight only 2kg (4.4lbs)
  • Compact only 26 x 14 x 21.5cm (10¼ x 5½ x 8½ins)

Elizabeth 30″ Spinning Wheel 2

The latest release spinning wheel from Ashford. This wheel is definitely one for serious spinners Features
  • Huge 30” wheel
  • Mounted on ball bearings (this wheel just won’t stop turning)
  • Incredibly smooth effortless treadling
  • Fast ratio’s 10.5, 13.5, 18:1 (22:1 bobbin lead)
  • Classic Saxony style made in beautiful silver beech
  • Hardwood with a smooth lacquer finish
  • Adjustable maiden bar for perfect alignment and tension
  • Competition lazy kate and 4 bobbins included
  • Double drive with single drive option

The Ashford Traveller

Small, beautiful classic upright castle wheel. Features
  • Choose either natural timber or smooth lacquer finish
  • Choose either single or double drive
  • Compact castle design
  • Built-in lazy kate
  • Double treadle, with polyurethane hinges, for effortless treadling