Knitting & Crocheting

Do you want to know how to crochet? Or maybe you want to know how to knit?

At The Good Yarn we love all things handicrafts, which of course includes knitting and crochet. Our range of knitting needles, crochet hooks and accessories is always growing.

Discover our Knitting & Crochet Range


KnitPro is a family owned business. They are makers of superior quality needlecraft tools and accessories in an eco-compliant factory. KnitPro has long been regarded as a popular brand of knitting needles and crochet hooks. They produce the popular Symfonie, Ginger & Zing ranges.

Symfonie Knitting Needle & Crochet Hook Ranges

The Symfonie needlecraft collection is recognised and loved by knitters, all around the world. The range is made of highly polished, beautiful multi-coloured birchwood needles and hooks, which makes them easily recognisable. The Symfonie collection of knitting needles and crochet hooks is not just a beautiful set of needles and hooks, they are also superior quality tools. The Symfonie needle’s smooth surface guarantees hours of knitting pleasure.


Manufactured from superior grade, lightweight metal, Zing Crochet Hooks & Knitting Needles are ideal for fans who prefer the light and smooth feel of aluminium. These high-grade aluminium needles & hooks come in size-specific colours, with perfectly tapered smooth metal tips. These are ideal needlecraft tools for beginners and experienced knitters & crocheters alike Beautifully smooth to the touch and with the perfect amount of grip, you can glide along effortlessly without the danger of dropping your stitches, speeding up your craft work and getting those projects finished faster. Available in a spectrum of vibrant, colour-coded sizes, every needle has a stamped size that doubles as a thumb grip, means you can spend less time searching for the right hook and more time crafting!
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