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What type of yarn is best for socks?

The best yarn for socks is typically a blend of wool and nylon. Wool provides warmth and elasticity, while nylon adds durability to withstand the wear and tear socks endure.  

What is the difference between sock yarn and regular yarn?

Sock yarn is specifically designed for durability and stretch, often including a nylon component. Regular yarn may lack the strength and resilience needed for socks, making them wear out more quickly.  

What ply is sock yarn in Australia?

In Australia, sock yarn is commonly found in 4-ply. This ply provides the right balance of thickness for comfortable and durable socks.  

Is 50g yarn enough for socks?

Whilst 50g of yarn is usually enough for a pair of socks, especially if it's a standard sock weight. It may not always be the case. Larger or wider feet or intricate patterns might require more. Its always best to buy an extra ball if you're not sure.  

What thickness of yarn is best for socks?

A fingering weight yarn (also known as sock weight or 4-ply) is ideal for socks. It's thin enough to create a comfortable fit and durable enough to withstand regular use. You can read our yarn weight conversion chart here  

Can you knit socks with regular yarn?

While you can knit socks with regular yarn, it's advisable to use sock yarn for better durability and elasticity. Regular yarn may wear out more quickly with the constant friction on the feet.  

What size knitting needles are best for sock yarn?

For sock yarn, a common choice is to use 2.25mm to 3.25mm knitting needles. This ensures a tight stitch, providing warmth and durability. We also have a knitting conversion chart you can see here  

Does sock yarn have to have nylon?

While not mandatory, adding nylon to sock yarn enhances durability. It helps socks withstand abrasion and maintains their shape over time, ensuring a longer lifespan.  

What can I knit with sock yarn besides socks?

Sock yarn isn't just for socks! You can knit beautiful shawls, lightweight sweaters, or even delicate lace projects. See our range of patterns here. Its fine texture makes it versatile for various accessories and garments beyond socks.
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