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Carding Accessories and Parts

Ashford Little Scissors – 1pc Packaged

$4.90 inc GST

Carding Accessories and Parts

Ashford Tape Measure

$4.20 inc GST

Boat Shuttles

Boat Shuttles

$53.75$56.50 inc GST

Rigid Heddle Looms

Rigid Heddle Loom Stand

$185.00 inc GST

Weaving Accessories

Raddle Kit

$72.50$99.50 inc GST

SampleIt Looms

SampleIt Loom Stand

$127.90 inc GST

Rigid Heddle Looms

Rigid Heddle Loom Table Stand

$105.50 inc GST

Knitters Looms

Knitters Loom Stand

$196.90 inc GST

Looking for Weaving Supplies in Australia? We have everything you will need. From warping tools, shuttles, reeds, thread, fibre and more.

Our range of free tutorials and instructional videos are the perfect place for beginners to get started. For the more experienced we stock the full range of Ashford Weaving Looms. From the popular Rigid Heddle Loom, to the Table Loom, Knitters Loom and Inkle Looms.

In addition to looms, we also stock a huge range of weaving supplies. We have both mercerised and unmercerised weaving threads, caterpillar cotton, yoga yarn and more.

For those who would prefer to try something different, we also have starter kits. These brilliant weaving kits contain frames, fibres, thread, weaving needles and instructions.