Wool Carders & Carding

Wool Carders are the tool you use to disentangle, clean and amalgamate fibres. Producing a continuous sliver that is suitable for subsequent spinning.

This is achieved by passing the fibres between moving surfaces and teeth, covered with cloth. It breaks up locks and unorganised wads of fibre. Then aligns the individual fibres to be parallel with each other. All in order to prepare the wool fibre for spinning.
You can also start to create blends of different fibres or different colours using a Blending Board.

We stock the entire Ashford range, including the very popular Blending Board:

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Hand Carder

Hand Carders are used in pairs to card and prepare your fibres in the traditional way, producing small rolags for spinning. Ashford hand carders are versatile tools for fibre preparation, allowing spinners and felters to align, blend, and prepare fibres for a large range of projects. When selecting your hand carders, consider factors such as their size, teeth density, type of teeth, intended use and the fibre type to be prepared.

Size and Teeth Density: Hand carders come in various sizes and densities of teeth. The size refers to the width and length of the carding area. Larger carders can hold more fibre, which is helpful when processing larger amounts or longer fibers. Smaller hand carders are more suitable for finer, shorter fibres or for individuals with smaller hands. Teeth density refers to the number of teeth per square inch. Higher density carders are ideal for fine or short fibres, while lower density carders work well for longer or coarser fibres.

Fibre Type: Different fibres require different treatment when hand carding. For example, wool can be processed using standard carders, while fibres like alpaca or mohair, which tend to be more slippery, may benefit from carders with finer teeth to aid in fibre alignment. Carding synthetic fibers, on the other hand, might require carders with teeth specifically designed for that purpose.

Drum Carder

We carry the full range of Ashford Drum Carders. We can also get you started with our free tutorials right here https://thegoodyarn.com.au/product-category/free-tutorials/ Read more about what type of hand or drum carder you should use https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DG9PiJZEYDQ
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