Weaving Cottons, Threads & Yarn

Weaving Cottons, Threads & Yarn can make or break your project. So, its important to choose the right one for your project.

Discover our Weaving Cottons

Mercerised Cotton


Unmercerised Cotton

We stock the full range of Ashford Cottons. Our 100% mercerised or unmercerised cotton weaving yarn is one of the highest quality. Available in 18 stunning, modern colours. Choose from two yarn weights 5/2 or 10/2. Weave on your table loom or rigid heddle looms.

Yoga Yarn

Ashford Yoga yarn is 35% lighter in weight than the 100% cotton in an equivalent weight. Yoga yarn has a nylon filament core completely covered by a cotton outer wrap! It is a 2 ply (two threads plied together) yarn - each ply is cotton spun over the nylon filament - the nylon filament is not visible and it will dye like 100% cotton.

Caterpillar Cotton

Ashford Caterpillar Cotton is 100% cotton variegated dyed yarn with a beautiful crimpy, spiral plied texture. Perfect for use as weaving cottons on your next project.
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