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Knitting & Crochet Yarn

We are proud to offer you a vibrant range of yarns that are perfect for your next knitting or crochet project.

We have the beautifully fine Ashford Merino 4 Ply, which is perfect when you need something soft and luxurious. Or perhaps the incredibly diverse and popular Double Knit (DK) is your ‘go to’ option. Another very popular yarn is the Malabrigo such as the Rasta range

What is Crochet

Crochet is a popular handicraft in which yarn (usually wool or cotton) is made up into a textured fabric using a hook style of needle, more commonly referred to as a crochet hook.

The crocheted fabric often is created into wonderful projects such as blankets, shawls, beanies, or even 3D toys. We stock a wonderful range of crochet hook sets, accessories and yarns to keep you busy all year long