Try Needle Felting Projects for the Table

The Good Yarn Felted Projects Napkin Holder Table Weights

Needle Felting projects are limitless, table decorations included. They’re not just for making toys or scarves. Why not get started making your very own table decorations?

Once mastered, you can add your own unique style to your project. Before you start your project, you might like to experiment with a small piece of wool sliver.

Many 3D forms can be made by starting with some basic shapes, for example: a cylinder, fold or rolled ball.

Have you ever thought about making your own napkin holder or table weights? Well, now you can!

We are continually adding new needle felting projects to our website. You can also find everything you need to get started right here as well

Here you will find some instructions or alternatively simply download and print it out for future reference

Needle Felting projects such as wool napkin holders and table weights bring softness and texture to your dinner table

Felting projects - Felting for the table

Decorating the table with things made of wool brings softness to the hard glass, wood and porcelain surfaces. The needle felting pom-pom balls look attractive around the napkins and the pearls add glamour. After the big party you can put all the balls together and make a necklace for yourself!

The soft white stones are just for decoration on the dinner table inside the house, but they are very practical if you eat dinner outside and it’s a little bit windy. Put them on the napkins so they don’t fly away.

I can guarantee that your friends will not resist touching them and be surprised that something that looks so soft and light is heavy.

Download the instructions here

Find our range of felting needles and fibres here

Learn more about Needle Felting

There are many different types of felting. Wet, Nuno & Needle Felting are all very popular types that let you create as many different projects as your heart desires.

With just a few simple needle felting supplies and inexpensive tools, you can make a totally new, unique style of fabric for use in an endless number of projects. 

We have a huge range of needle felting kits that have full step by step instructions.