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Rigid Heddle Loom Weaving

The Ashford rigid heddle loom is the perfect blend of functionality and simplicity. This affordable, portable and versatile loom is quick and easy to use and simple to assemble.

Discover our Rigid Heddle Looms

It gets its name from the ingenious rigid heddle that enables the weaver to easily lift and lower the warp. The rigid heddle also spreads the warp to a fixed width and consistently spaces the yarn. If that isn’t enough the it serves as the beater that presses the yarn into place. It is easy to set up, move about, and is inexpensive, thus eliminating many of the barriers to beginners.


  • Natural timber finish
  • Affordable and versatile
  • Quick and easy to warp and weave
  • Portable
  • Built-in second heddle option
  • Built-in indirect warping option (pegs not included)
  • Available in 4 weaving widths
  • Extra reeds available in 6 sizes
We have some great free tutorials to help you get started right here