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Inkle Looms

Inkle Looms are one of the easiest to use and most popular looms available. At The Good Yarn we stock both the standard size and smaller, inklette looms.

Both of our inkle looms are also available in kits. Our inkle weaving kits include everything you would need to start creating your first project.

An Inkle Loom is designed to create long, very strong braids. They are made from Silver Beech hard wood and very strongly constructed.

Discover more about Inkle Looms

Using an Inkle Loom is easier than you think and is a great way to start weaving, especially for beginners. This type of loom can be used to create some incredibly beautiful pieces. Weave intricate patterns and embellish with different types of yarns, beads and colours. Make trims, tassels, bands, straps, chokers, dog leads and more. In fact, the term "Inkle" simply means "ribbon" or "tape". Once you start creating new pieces, you will find so many more uses.

This style of weaving is a type of warp-faced weaving where the shed is created by manually raising or lowering the warp yarns.

Learn to weave on an Inkle Loom

If you're just starting out and would like to learn to weave, we have free tutorials to get you started right here Learn to weave on an inkle loom