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Inkle Loom Weaving: A Timeless Craft for Modern Creatives

Inkle Loom Weaving: A Timeless Craft for Modern Creatives Inkle looms weaving has been an.....[KEEP READING]..

The Art of Weaving

Unleashing Your Creativity with a Weaving Loom Discover the ancient art of weaving and unleash.....[KEEP READING]..

Weave a Spring Shawl in Caterpillar Cotton

Weave a Shawl with Ashfords Caterpillar Cotton. The perfect choice for a beautiful woven fabric......[KEEP READING]..

Multishaft Weaving Loom FAQ’s

What is the range of Ashford Multishaft Weaving Looms? Four Shaft Table Weaving Loom The.....[KEEP READING]..

Cotton Weights Explained

Cotton is a versatile and beloved fabric known for its softness and breathability. But have.....[KEEP READING]..

Weaving Loom FAQ’s for Beginners

The following article covers lots of questions we are asked in regard to purchasing a.....[KEEP READING]..

Weave Honeycomb Cushion Covers on your Rigid Heddle Loom

Elsa Krogh is one of the main reasons Kate from Ashford has such a passion for.....[KEEP READING]..

Meet Rebecca from Handwoven

Ashford Handicrafts artist of the month, recently took up weaving during the 2020 lockdown. She.....[KEEP READING]..

The Best Yarn in Australia

The Best Yarn in Australia is at The Good Yarn Ok, so we might be.....[KEEP READING]..

Weave your own woollen blanket

Weave a blanket with beautiful, soft yarn Do you love weaving with wool? Have you.....[KEEP READING]..

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