Speciality Fibres – 100g

Speciality Fibres available ranging from Tussah Silk, Linen, Mulberry Silk and Tencel. We also carry the ever popular Angelina Fibre in both Silver and Gold.

Specialty Fibres for Spinning, Weaving & Needle Felting Explained

Mulberry Silk

Looking to elevate your craft or spinning projects? Look no further than Mulberry Silk! This premium silk, sourced from silkworms feasting solely on mulberry leaves, boasts unparalleled quality and a lavish feel. The fine, shiny fibres add an air of elegance to your spinning & weaving, ensuring a polished result every time. With its impressive strength and natural sheen, Mulberry Silk is your go-to for spinning beautiful yarns and stunning weaving projects.

When it comes to spinning, Mulberry Silk truly shines. Your finished yarn will be not only lustrous, but also remarkably durable, standing strong against pilling. Its long fibres make spinning a breeze, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out. And let's talk about dyeing – your colours will come out vibrant and captivating, giving your projects that extra "wow" factor. Plus, this silk spins beautifully with other fibres, allowing you to create unique blends that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the touch.  

Tussah Silk

Ever heard of Tussah Silk? It's a special type of silk, a bit different from the regular Mulberry Silk you might know. Tussah Silk comes from wild silkworms that munch on a variety of leaves, not just mulberry. This gives it a unique charm and texture. When you're spinning, Tussah Silk is like a magician's wand. It weaves a spell of strength into your yarn, making it tough and sturdy. No worries about wear and tear here! Plus, its natural, slightly matte sheen adds an earthy elegance to your creations.

Think about it – Tussah Silk is your ticket to creating robust, luxurious yarn. Its fibres are coarser and more textured compared to Mulberry Silk, giving your spun yarn a rustic touch. This makes it fantastic for adding dimension to your projects. The possibilities are endless – silky smoothness with a touch of wild beauty. Tussah Silk is exceptionally good for dyeing. Creating rich, deep shades that'll make your creations stand out.

So, if you're all about spinning magic and dreaming up resilient, beautiful yarn, Tussah Silk is your go-to choice. Get ready to spin a tale of strength and beauty!  

Linen Fibre

Linen comes from the flax plant, giving it a natural, earthy vibe. When you spin with Linen Fibre, you're in for a treat. It's like spinning a piece of nature itself.

Linen has a unique strength that adds durability to your yarn. Say goodbye to fragile threads! Its cool, crisp texture feels amazing in your hands, making your spinning experience a breeze. But that's not all – Linen Fibre brings a fresh breath to your projects. It's perfect for warm weather because it's super breathable and wicks away moisture.

Your spinning or weaving creations will be comfy and stylish, all in one go! Spinning with Linen Fibre also gives your yarn a lovely drape. This means your finished pieces flow and move gracefully, adding a touch of elegance to whatever you're creating. Linen takes dye brilliantly, giving you a rainbow of dyeing possibilities. Vibrant or subtle, it's up to you!

So, if you're all about strong, breathable, and stylish yarn, Linen Fibre is your perfect choice. Get ready to spin your way to stunning, durable creations that'll turn heads everywhere you go!  

Angelina Fibre

Angelina Fiber – it's like magic for your spinning and weaving adventures. Imagine sparkles and shimmer woven right into your projects! Angelina Fibre is super fine, flashy, and reflective fibres that add sparkle to your spun yarn or weaving projects. They're like tiny, shiny jewels that add instant pizzazz to your yarn.

Blending Angelina Fibre into your spinning makes your yarn come alive with bursts of colour and glimmer. Weaving with it? You'll create stunning accents that catch the light and turn heads. This fibre is lightweight and doesn't mess with the texture, so your creations stay soft and comfy. Plus, it's so easy to work with, even if you're a beginner.

Now, here's the best part – Angelina Fibre comes in a few different of shades. You can mix and match, layer, or go all-out with the bling. Your projects will be like wearable art!

Whether you're spinning a tale with your yarn or weaving a masterpiece, Angelina Fibre adds that extra sprinkle of enchantment. So, if you're ready to dazzle and shine, add some Angelina Fibre to your next project – you’ll be sure to love it!
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