What is nuno felting?

Nuno felting is a fascinating technique that combines the beauty of fabric and wool fibres to create stunning, textured pieces. Transitioning from traditional felting to nuno felting opens up a world of creative possibilities.

What is the difference between nuno felting and wet felting?

Whilst both techniques involve felting wool fibres, nuno felting incorporates lightweight fabric into the process. In nuno felting, the fabric is layered on top of the wool and fused together, resulting in a lightweight and flexible textile. On the other hand, wet felting solely focuses on the interlocking of wool fibres through moisture, heat, and agitation, creating a denser and thicker felted piece.

How does nuno felting work?

In nuno felting, you place lightweight fabric, such as silk or chiffon, onto a wool fiber base. The fibers from the base then intertwine with the fabric, creating a bond and resulting in a unique and cohesive piece. The process involves applying moisture, heat, and agitation to help the fibers and fabric meld together seamlessly.

What can I make with nuno felting?

One of the fantastic benefits of nuno felting is the lightweight and flexible nature of the finished product. The combination of fabric and wool creates a delicate yet durable textile that drapes beautifully. It's perfect for creating wearable art pieces like scarves, wraps, and even garments. Additionally, nuno felting allows for endless creativity. You can experiment with different fabrics, colours, and textures to achieve your desired effect. By layering fabrics or incorporating embellishments like yarn or silk fibres, you can add even more depth and dimension to your creations. So, whether you're a seasoned fibre artist or a beginner exploring the world of felting, nuno felting offers a unique and enjoyable technique. With its ability to transform fabric and wool fibres into captivating textiles, the possibilities are truly endless. Give nuno felting a try with one of our fabulous scarf kits and let your imagination run wild!
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