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The art of needle felting is becoming more popular amongst crafters of all ages. You can create your own adorable figures, amazing animals, beautiful flowers and scenes, striking jewellery and embellishments all in flat or sculpted felt.

With just a little wool and a felting needle you can create unique and wonderful felted works of art. If you haven’t tried needle felting, we have everything from starter kits, felting needles, fibres and books to get you started.

We have projects for beginners and endless supplies for skilled felters. We also have a wonderful book whereby each project builds on all levels of knowledge gained.

What is Needle Felting?

Needle felting is a fun and easy process of transforming colouful wool into 3D objects and shapes, using a barbed needle.

When you felt wool, you’re actually agitating the fibres (essentially moving them back and forth) so they bond well together, creating a solid fabric.

Needle Felting you can create fun and practical projects. Including everything from christmas decorations, toys and even table decor

Do you want to learn Needle Felting? We have free tutorials that you can download, right here.

The Good Yarn Ashford Learn to Needle FeltThe Good Yarn Ashford Learn to Felt - Wet Felt

Have you seen our selection of Felting Fibre? You can find it here.